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In a scheme to pay for his endless wars and lavish court, Henry Tudor seizes England's rich monasteries and convents. Thousands of illuminated manuscripts are stolen and destroyed.

Squire Henry Truelove of Cornwall, hero of this novel, has simpler ambitions: to win the hand of his reluctant ladylove, Morwenna. But life takes a bad turn for the squire when his family's estate faces ruinous taxation. Truelove and his friends form a band of "holy pirates" to bring down the corrupt taxman, and to rescue the precious lost books.

This tale of tumultuous Tudor times will especially please readers who enjoy little known histories and interesting language. The narrative is often lighthearted, with amusing repartee. The mission of the Holy Pirates, though, is vital and dangerous — to save the precious books and their own skins.

The Lost Books: Romance and Adventure in Tudor Times

SKU: 978-1-63988-800-9
  • ISBN: 978-1-63988-800-9

    Publication Date: May 17, 2023

    Publisher: Atmosphere Press

    Genre: Historical Fiction

    List Price: $17.999 Trade Paperback

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